Working with Jana has been a first class experience. Jana is an extremely talented Designer who pays attention to every last detail. She takes pride in her work and wants her clients to be 100% satisfied. Jana is a true professional with an ability to work with all design styles and personalities.

I’ve been in real estate for almost 13 years, worked with many people in the design business and finding a talented, professional interior decorator who can work with many different styles and personalities is truly unique. Jana transitioned my dining room from a basic room to a gorgeous room with beautiful millwork and new additions that I never would have developed on my own.

She created an amazing focal point in our living room, assisted with furniture planning and lighting decisions. I am extremely impressed with all of her work. Jana made my experience very enjoyable and I could not be happier.

– Kellie Sallee(November 2015)

We were lucky enough to find Jana DeMicco and work with her on our very first home renovation. From the very beginning, Jana took the time to really get to know usin order to discover our true sense of style. After our initial meetings, Jana delivered a well thought out, extremely detailed professional plan in order to proceed. From those plans,it was evident to us that sheis a very dedicated, hardworking designer who hasthe extraordinary ability to really listen to her client’s vision and turn it into a reality. Her great attention to detail and extensive knowledge in the industry makes this easy for her to accomplish.

Along with her invaluable expertise, her organizational and communication skills are impeccable making it effortless to deal with various vendors that one may encounter throughout a job.

She is prompt, reliable and efficient with all emails, phone calls and anything else that may arise during a job.

She is truly passionate about her work and it is evident in the time and effort that she puts forth from beginning to end. She has agenuine desire to make her clients happy with the end result. We would not hesitate when recommending Jana DeMicco as an interior designer.

– Nicole and Gordon Findlay(September 2015)

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